AA-Inline EK 7 cartuccia-di-decalcificazione basic/set

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EK7 Anti Lime Scale YVE-BIO INLINE
Aqua Avanti / Set

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EK7 Anti Lime Scale YVE-BIO INLINE
Aqua Avanti / Set


Use as an additional stage to prevent lime scale in the Aqua Avanti Inline filter system before the filter stage. The hardness of the water is reduced as the water flows through the ion exchange resin. The EK-7 Anti Lime Scale cartridge enhances the flavor of cold and hot beverages (especially coffee and tea) and protects household appliances from calcification. The water flow should not exceed 2 l / min., in order to assure a noticeable decalcification.


Service life The potential service life depends on the hardness of the input water. Depending on the raw water hardness, a tool life of up to 1,900 l (hardness grade 5-10 dH) or 450l (hardness grade 11-25 dH) is achievable. The cartridge must be replaced when typical symptoms such as surface films on tea, flavor loss in tea / coffee or limescale on surfaces reoccur. According to DIN 1988, a change is required after 6 months.

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