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  Two principles of nature for a...

Two principles of nature for a healthy indoor air

Air is besides water, the most important resource of our planet, pure air is essential to survive for humans. We have learned from the nature the principle of the air purification: The air ionization by high voltage and activated oxygen. Here, it should be considered that the higher the concentration of energetic ions in the breathing air, the more healthily is the breathing air. For example, the enriched air near the sea is medicative especially for lung patients.

It applies for indoors that smells, pollens, fungal spores, bacteria or viruses deteriorate the atmosphere of the room or make you sick. Filter systems does not help in such cases or only insufficiently. In case of using air conditioning the ions concentration decreases in addition to the pollution of the air also to zero. The principle of the bipolar ionisation that underlies all bioclimatic devices ensures air purification in a natural way and raises the ion concentration again to a natural level.

Natural principle for a good indoor climate

Everybody knows the pleasant fresh smell after a thunderstorm. The air smells like washed - and in the sense of the world, it is washed. The high voltage splits the oxygen molecules in positive and negative charged ions (bipolar ionisation). These particles are highly reactive and act as an oxidizing agent. The ionized air reacts with organic molecular chains like germs, fungal spores and bacteria or even odour molecules. These chains are broken up and are made harmless. The high-voltage discharge is nothing more than the lightning miniature format that bioclimatic device produces. Thus, the devices imitate the nature by bipolar ionisation.

Functional animation of ionization systems

The ionization tubes generate high-voltage in which the atmospheric oxygen divides in positive and negative ions.

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