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EMSana effective micro-organisms (EM)



For your health and your well-being: EMSana stands for the intensive and effective combination of living, effective micro-organisms with your health and your well-being.

A philosophy and approach that works sustainably and holistically, and which allows people and the environment to recover.

Thanks to EM, we are able to produce products for your body care that go well beyond traditional products.

Not defence, fight and antibiotic procedures, but rather cooperation and collaboration with living, healthy and preserving microbes for your well-being.


EMSana products possess a great potential for realignment, regeneration and activation. You obtain, in the truest sense of the word, natural, regenerating body and health care products that facilitate constructive, living processes.


"It is absolutely essential to understand how nature works. We must then be certain that what we are doing is not directed against nature and does not destroy the natural process."

Prof. Teruo Higa

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