FAQ - Answers to frequently asked questions


How long does it take to filter 1 litre of water?

Approximately 30 minutes. The filtering process takes between two and three hours, depending on the capacity of the upper container.


Why do I need to allow 12-24 litres of water to flow through a new cartridge and why must the water be discarded afterwards?

There may be dust residue in the water and the components of the individual filter levels must be activated. This is purely precautionary and not absolutely necessary. 


Why is the water passing so slowly through the ceramic filter?

Either the ceramic filter is dirty or the device has created a vacuum.

If the ceramic filter is dirty, use a scouring pad (foam with heavy scouring layer) to clean it under running water until it is white again. Do not exert too much pressure when cleaning as the ceramic wall is only 1 cm thick and it may break. The ceramic filter should be replaced after two years.

If your filter has created a vacuum, lift up the spacer ring and clean it and the glass edge with a clean (dry!) cloth. A vacuum may form in rare instances due to condensation / humidity. 


Can I clean the ceramic filter?

Yes, scrub with a foam scouring pad with a heavy scouring layer under running water until it is white again.


When do I need to replace the ceramic filter?

You should replace the ceramic filter every 2 years.


Can I also clean my water filter system using vinegar?

Yes, but only with vinegar essence in a water-vinegar ratio of 9:1 (900 ml water and 100 ml vinegar). Citric acid (which we also sell) is tasteless and can also be used in the same mixing ratio.


What do I need to be aware of to prevent contaminating the water filter when I clean it?

When cleaning the filter it is essential that hands, work surfaces and cloths (paper or material) are sterile, clean and dry.

Do not use standing water from the tap to clean the filter.

Water which has been standing in pipes and taps for more than four hours is no longer potable according to a statement from the Federal Environmental Agency.


Can the cartridges be recycled?
No. This would not make sense either, as the cartridges now contain harmful substances. These belong in the household rubbish and thereafter in a waste incineration plant.


Why does my cartridge only last half a year?

The cartridge reaches its capacity to bind harmful substances after approx. 1500 litres of water. A 2-person household uses this amount of water within about half a year. The German DIN regulation recommends changing the cartridge after this period.


Are the Tritan bottles dishwasher-safe?

The Tritan bottles are manufactured from Tritan™ copolyester. This plastic (triphenylmethane) is tasteless and odourless.


The tap looks very delicate, how long will it last?

It is very robust and will last for a very long time. We have been using the same water tap daily for over six years. It still always works perfectly.
However, you do need to follow a few rules for correct use:

In order to remove a large amount of water, lift up the water tap rocker arm but only up to a 45 degree angle. It engages automatically as soon as you lift it to a horizontal position.

The water tap may only be cleaned using clean, sterile cloths from paper or material in order to prevent contamination from germs.


What are the plastic parts made from?

All elements of the YVE-BIO® filter which are manufactured from plastic and come into contact with water are manufactured from ABS-acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymer.

ABS consists of a framing phase of styrene acrylonitrile copolymer (SAN), in which an elastic phase of butadiene homo or copolymers is dispersed. The coherent SAN matrix provides strength and durability. The rubber phase embedded in this has the ability to absorb impact energy and thereby increases the shock resistance.

The use of ABS in the foodstuffs industry is physiologically harmless and corresponds to FDA and EU foodstuff directives.

These tests are published on our site. 


What is the difference between the grey and the pink EM pipes?
The grey EM pipes activate water and turn it into an antioxidant.
The pink EM pipes bind harmful substances in the water.

What creates an FIR in the lower tank?

FIR means far infrared radiation.

The FIR stone contains minerals which diffuse the FIR rays on the water and thereby minimise the water clusters. The smaller the water clusters, the more easily the water can be absorbed by cells. 


What are the magnets for? Do they create hexagonal water?
Yes, with the magnets the water runs out clockwise, it is slightly swirled, which should have a beneficial health effect.

Our YVE-BIO ® Alstar 700 All-in-One creates an even more intense hexagonal structure. 


We tested our water and found colonies in a water test?

Since the ceramic filter of the YVE BIO filter only has a passage of 0.2 microns and a bacterium is about 1-5 microns in size, no bacteria can get into the lower water tank to buildt colonies there.
Tap water is always sterilized by the ceramic filter.

The contamination must have jappend otherwise.

When cleaning the filter, through the faucet, or even through the test lab itself. Many options must be considered.

With the colony count at 36 ° C gram-negative, non-spore-forming bacterial species are detected. The detection of an increased colony count at 36 ° C gives no information about certain pathogens, but serves as an indicator of a possible microbial contamination of the water supply system after treatment to drinking water installation.

Causes can be manifold.
From inadequate treatment, pipe bursts, biofilm formation to stagnation of the water in the piping system or self-contamination.

Exceeding the limit value has no direct health significance, but should not be tolerated permanently. An immediate explanation of the cause is absolutely necessary. The measures to be carried out depend on the causes determined.

It is better not to drink standing water from the water pipe.

And do not use it to clean the filter.

Water that has been in the pipes for more than four hours is no longer drinkable - and should not be used for cooking!
This is recommended by the Federal Environment Agency!

Tap water that stands longer in the pipes can contain pollutants and bacteria. In a test of the colleagues from the WDR magazine "Service time" oin21 samples, one third were loaded with nickel and or bacteria.
Therefore, you should not use so-called stagnation water, especially for children and infants!
The remedy is easy:
Just let the tap water flow until it comes out cool from the line! Usually about two liters. The temperature difference is clearly noticeable. Then it is clear that the water is fresh and unencumbered by pollutants and bacteria.

Bacteria feel particularly comfortable in flexible hoses under the sink - or in the shower hose. Even against these potential contaminants, it helps to drain the stagnant water from the pipes. If the water comes cool and fresh from the pipe, you can be sure that even pollutants and bacteria did not have enough time to get into the drinking water!

Which substances are filtered out exactly?
Do the filter elements also filter toxic heavy metal, e.g. uranium out of the water?

1. There are no filters (stand filters or cans) that can filter out uranium.

2. For further results, please refer to our pages under Information. Many tests provide information.

3. Even the best German carbonite filters (sub-filters), which we also have on offer, can filter out drug residues, but no uranium from the water.

However, our new YVE-BIO® 5-step Origin cartridges, Ultimate Hexagonal with activated carbon and the active ingredient mineral clinoptilolite are capable to do so.

High-quality activated carbon with an iodine value of 1200 (= highest absorption value); binds and removes various pollutants, including nitrates (more than 90%), coarse-matter drug residues, chlorine, heavy metals and more. Very effective. In addition to the finest activated carbon, we have now added clinoptilolite to the cartridge.

This clinoptilolite binds other possible pollutants, which might be in the water and stays in its hexagonal cartridge.

By micronization, the reduction of particles by grinding, the bonding capacity increases. This leads to a considerable reduction of the heavy metal load of the water, with mercury, cadmium and lead pollution by up to 90%.

If there are radioactive substances in the drinking water, this clinoptilolite also binds them to itself.

Fluorides, fluorine and their toxicity

There is so little (natural) fluoride in German tap water that you really do not have to worry about it.
And in Germany and many other European countries fluoride additives in tap water are now prohibited.
In tap water, tested on behalf of us by the Institute AIT, there is only 0.5 mg per litre that is needed by the body.

Excerpt from the test of the AIT:

Fluoride is abundant in black tea, seafood, meat and butter. In groundwater, the contents are usually between Higher levels of fluoride mostly occur in deep groundwaters, as well as in waters from crystalline and volcanic catchments.
Function: Fluoride is important for bone formation. The need for adults is between 3.1 - 3.8 mg F / day, with fluoride being more readily available from the water.
In the case of fluoride drinking water values above 0.7 mg / l, no supplementation (fluoro tablets) is recommended for caries prophylaxis, since excessively high fluoride concentrations can also lead to enzyme inactivation.


Aluminum in drinking water?

Aluminum is naturally present in the earth's crust and is called aluminum silicate and is non-toxic.
However, mined and industrially processed aluminum that has been altered by various chemical operations is toxic.

Our filters reduce natural aluminum through the heavy metal binding properties of activated carbon and zeolite.


Can the YVE-BIO-filter also filter out cadmium?

Yes, the combination of activated carbon and zeolite removes cadmium from the water.


There is still lime in my filtered water. Is that harmful?
How much lime do your water filter systems filter out of the water?

Lime in the water is harmless to the human body.
Our cartridges filter up to 50% .

Dg on the landscape / waterworks, there may be a higher or lower lime content in the drinking water.
Man needs lime like other minerals too. A surplus is released from the body.

Our cartridge performance verifiably releases the tap water from harmful substances and softens the taste. Also by reducing lime.

It should be mentioned that there are no lime-filters as such.

There are dirt filters for solids. The lime in the water is not a solid but a dissolved ions.
They go through every sieve.
Our submersible filters Aquaavanti, offer a very high lime-reducing conversion of water through ion exchangers.

The flowed through catalsysator granules works on the seed principle.
This precipitate lime is bound to the seed crystals and floats away with the water.

The lime is still there. But it is no longer sticks to glasses, dishes, pots.

Which also results in a more pleasant taste of the water.
We have now developed pads that have a lime ionizer in them.

These pads can be used with very calcareous tap water.

To do this, place these pads in the cartridge hanging ring.
The lime is then ionized as described above.


What is Chloride-Chlor-CI?

Chloride is a negatively charged ion.
Chloride and the sodium ion play an important role in the distribution of water inside and outside the cells.
Chloride and sodium also have many other functions in the body:
For example, other ions are transported out of or into the cells using sodium or chloride.
About half (about 56%) of the chloride in the body is outside the cells, about one third (32%) in the bones and the remainder (12%) inside the cells.

Chlorine is a chemical element with the symbol Cl and the atomic number17.
In nature, chlorine does not occur elementarily, but only bound in various compounds.

The most important compounds are the chlorides, in which chlorine occurs in the form of the anion Cl-.
The best known chloride is sodium chloride, often referred to as saline or salt. Chloride is a common component of seawater and has important biological functions, especially in controlling the water balance in the body.


How high does the PPM ought to be?

The PPM value in our filters says nothing about pollution and cleaning.
In our filters, nitrates, heavy metals, germs, bacteria and coarse material are bound and filtered out through the cartridge and the ceramic filter.

The PPM value says something about the mineral content in the leaking water.

Osmosis filters filter out everything; so that the PPM value is then zero. Osmosis filters produce soft water with a hardness of zero, as reverse osmosis removes all calcium and magnesium ions. Osmosis water is completely free of minerals. It does not dissolve any waste products from the human body, but mainly minerals.

However, minerals are vital to the human body and almost all people suffer from chronic mineral deficiencies due to inadequate nutrition.

In great amounts (from around 17 liters onwards) osmosis water has a toxic effect on the human body. With this amount, so much sodium is flushed out of the body that there is an acute threat to life.
What leads to massive health problems in large quantities, can have no health-promoting effects in smaller doses.

The enjoyment of acid - and this is what osmosis water is, because pH value remains pH value - certainly is not beneficial to the human body.
We rely on adequate supply of mineralized water to maintain our acid-base balance in the body and to effectively buffer acids. This is the only way to prevent hyperacidity of the body.

The intake of 2 liters of acid per day has the opposite effect. And with already too small quantities of minerals in the body, further leaching of minerals in the long run is in any case questionable.
In addition, osmosis water is not a natural product, but a technical product.
Our body is adapted to the consumption of naturally occurring water - otherwise we would not have survived for 200,000 years.


What about PI water?

Since there is no scientific evidence on the so-called PI-water technology, this topic is not of interest to us. Information from other manufacturers should prove this.


Why does our water have no high Ph-value?

We do not know how you, or with which method you measured your water.

An institute commissioned by us has dealt with the question of, why one and the same water has different Ph-values.

Director Plank from AIT in Austria said it's because of the devices and the test strips that the results vary.
This institute states that you schould only use very high quality and expensive equipment to avoid false results.

And if desired, you could order a basic ring that further increases the Ph-value of the water. See test result in German.


Why are there different rings, stones and pipes?

Basically, you get a mineral ring when you buy a YV E-BIO filter.

There are different rings, stones and pipes because they all have different modes of action.
For example, to increase the mineral content of the water, you can place stones in the filter.

To increase the Ph value, you can add an alkaline ring.

If you want to have effective microorganisms in the water you can use the Bioring.

The grey EM pipes give the water antioxidants.

While the pink EM pipes increasingly bind pollutants.

And water stones are used to energize the water. 


Does the water in the lower tank have to be changed?

Due to the ceramic filter, the water in the lower tank is always free of germs.
So changing the water or cleaning during use is not necessary.

A contamination by improper "too much cleaning" is more likely.

If you do not use the YVE BIO filter for more than 7 days (for example, you are going on vacation), you should do the following:

Remove and rinse the ceramic filter, the filter cartridge and the
mineral bowl, then drain everything and let them dry.

Rinse the main part of the YVE BIO filter with a mixture of water and vinegar essence, or with a solution of citric acid (also available from us).
Then let it dry too.

If you want to use the water filter again, set it up and use it as usual.


How long is the warranty period on YVE-BIO products?

The warranty period is 2 years from the date of purchase.

On all elements of the filter that are not responsible for the actual filtering, you have unlimited warranty.
These parts are made of plastic or glass and they last indefinitely.

There is a guarantee period of 2 years for the faucet.

The other filter elements should be replaced at the following intervals:

-The ceramic filter every 2 years,
The cartridge every 6 months or after 1500 liters iteration

The mineral ring after 2 years,
The alkaline ring after 6 months
The organic ring after 2 years

The Em pipes (gray) after 2 years,
The EM pipes (pink) after one year.   

Does the water filter have to be in a dark place?

No, not necessarily.
However, it should not be exposed to direct sunlight or solar reflections, as algae may form.


What can I do if I do not have a dark place in my kitchen?
Cover your filter with a light-tight cloth.


Algae in the filter

Green discoloration in the filter indicates that algae have developed.
Algae need sunlight for their growth.

We have pointed out in the operating/ installation/ maintenance instructions, that the water filter must under no circumstances be exposed to direct sunlight or reflections from the sun, as otherwise algae may form.

If algae have developed,
you can clean all parts of the filter that have a green discoloration with a salt water solution (about 1 tablespoon salt per 1 liter of water).

Clean also the mineral basket / ring, the stones and crystals in this salt water solution.
Unfortunately, you can not do this with the cartridge.

Algae are not necessarily harmful. However, if the taste of the water changes, you may need to replace the cartridge.


In the lower tank is always filled with water up to the tap. But I do not want to drink old water. What can I do?

If you use the filter daily, through thee proccess of tapping of filtered water and the feed of fresh water, the water in the lower tank is swirled and mixed.
So you always have fresh filtered water available.

If you are not using the YVE BIO filter for more than 6 days, you should do the following:

Remove and rinse the ceramic filter, the filter cartridge and the
minerals ring. Then drain everything and let them dry.

Rinse the two water containers of the YVE BIO filter with a mixture of water and vinegar essence, or with a solution of citric acid (also available from us).
Then let them dry too.

If you want to use the water filter again, set it up and use it as usual.


How do I prevent the conntamination of the filter?

If you follow the hygiene instructions for the filter assembly, and assemble the filter only with clean hands, there can be no contamination within the filter.
And because the ceramic filter of the YVE BIO filter has only a passage of 0.2 microns, it is impermeable to germs and bacteria.

The excellent performance of the ceramic filter was accredited by the
Institute, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH, August 2014 in Tulln.

Brief excerpt:
'' The effectiveness of the ceramic filter with respect to impermeability of
germs and bacteria could be proven.

The germs (CFUs), coliform bacteria, Escherichia coli and enterococci present in the raw water were removed by100% and are no longer detectable in the filtered water.
In summary, the YVE-3000-Filter has an excellent microbiological capacity, binds heavy metals, and brings drinking water to a basic range. "

AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH
Konrad-Lorenz-Straße 24
3430 Tulln


There's a white layer on the water?
There are white flakes in my water.

Due to the chemical reaction of magnesium oxide from the cartridge and water, the water can turn white.
This is completely harmless.
However, if you want your water to be clear, you should run an upper tank filled with 3 liters of water, plus 2 tablespoons of citric acid, through the cartridge.
Citric acid is available at the pharmacy, drugstore or with us.

Then, for the neutralisazation of taste let an upper tank of clear water run through the filter.


I would like to convert my EVA filter to glass. Which tanks are compatible?

The YVE-BIO® single-500 glass container fits with the EVA700
and the glasses from the
YVE-BIO®-3000 Premium fit with the EVA1200. 

Which accessories are compatible with the EVA water filter systems?

All our YVE-BIO parts are compatible with the EVA filter systems.

The EVA700 is equivalent to our YVE-BIO Single 500
The EV1200 corresponds to our YVE-BIO 3000

Write us an email if you are not sure.

We can tell you exactly which glass elements fits with your EVA filter.


Do the water filtration systems need electricity?

Gravitational filters, e.g. filters that work with gravity/ force of attraction, do not need power.
The YVE-BIO®-Alstar700 works with 12 Volt power to get the twister going.
Due to the turbulence of the water, the original hexagonal structure is restored.


Are silver, silver ions or silver nanoparticles in your filters?

Since it is not yet clear whether silver is anti-bacterial and antioxidant, or a toxic heavy metal, it has not been used by us, since 2013 for the production of our filters.

The faucet is leaking.

The first thing you need to do is find out if water drips out of the faucet, or between the silicone gaskets and the glass? 

If it drips between the seal and the glass.

Empty the water tank and unscrew the tap again. Before re-screwing, all parts must be dry.
Glass, gaskets and faucet.
Now screw everything together, not too tight otherwise the glas might break but also not too loose.
If the two silicone gaskets still let water through, repeat the process. 


If it drips from the tap.

There may sometimes be small dust grains or mineral dust from the cartridge, or mineral ring in the faucet.

Unscrew the tap from the glass container.

Lift the silver-colored rocker arm until it is in the horizontal position.

Turn the top part of the faucet counterclockwise, carefully upwards, until you have separated the lower part of the faucet from the top.

Rinse both parts well.

Rinse the cartridge and the mineral ring well . Then carefully screw the two parts of the faucet together again.
Now the tap should not drip anymore. 

AirDeco Air Cleaner 

The description says that the device can help against mold.
Is that also also true for existing mold on the walls?


The AirCleaner system is based on bipolar ionization.
It promotes the natural processes of air purification and the targeted release of oxygen.
The room air is freed from organic pollutants. Annoying odors are eliminated and the air is much healthier.
The system safely and reliably disinfects all forms of vegetative and generative microorganisms.

The activated oxygen thus causes oxidation of odor causing osmogens.
These are changed chemically. New, non-odorous and harmless substances are formed (eg water, carbon dioxide).

In addition, the activated oxygen is able to damage the cell structure of microorganisms such as viruses, mold spores, yeasts and bacteria and thus inactivate them.
The intensity of the ionization is automatically adjusted to the situation-related air pollution, via an air quality sensor.


I would like to pay by PayPal, but I have already ordered "by bank transfer".
Is that still possible?

No, otherwise you have to repeat the entire order process.
If you cannot pay via PayPal with your browser, mostly Oracle, try using Firefox, Chrome or Microsoft Edge instead.




How long will it take untill I receive my goods?

Immediately after receipt of payment we send the goods. That means it will take approx. 2-3 days.

If a special product needs to be procured, it takes at the most 4-6 days until you receive it.

How long will it take for my package, ordered from the UK, to arrive at my home?
Usually your package will be with you in 4-6 days.