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The proportional shipping costs within Germany for parcel goods with DHL amount to 5.00 EUR for an order value up to 50 EUR. Above this amount, we will pay the postage for you. For some items, we offer small shipments via GLS for 3.00 EUR or with Deutsche Post in an envelope for 2.00 EUR (you can see whether this shipping method is available in the shipping options in the order process).


Customers within the EU pay EUR 9.90 shipping costs for each order.

Great Britain

Customers in the UK pay 14.90 EUR shipping costs for each order.


Customers in Switzerland pay EUR 25.00 shipping costs for each order.


For shipping costs to other countries, please send an email to office@yve-bio.com or use our contact form. These are based on the actual costs incurred. We will be happy to provide information for you.


Customers from European colonies pay an additional surcharge of 15.00 EUR on top of the 9.90 EUR shipping costs.


For traders, the shipping costs are based on the actual costs incurred.

Unfortunately, we do not currently have the opportunity to demonstrate our products to you on site.

Everything in life is subject to constant change. This also applies to us and our products, which we are constantly optimising according to new scientific findings.

To keep you up to date, we offer you a number of options - all free of charge, of course, and cancellable at any time, without giving reasons:


Here you can sign up for the Newsletter

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On our "Blog" you will find exciting background information, such as the discovery of the health-promoting effect of structured water to the development of the YVE-BIO water filter, but also private information about us - the YVE-BIO team.

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Just write to us! eMail: office@yve-bio.com or use our contact form.

You can easily and conveniently order directly from our online shop. Either you choose the guest function or you register and thus benefit from numerous advantages.

If you are unable to log in, you may not have created an online account and have previously ordered as a guest (without registering). In this case, simply register again.

If you already have an online account and have forgotten your password, click on "Forgotten password" and follow the instructions.

If you have a coupon code, simply enter it in the order overview under "Redeem code". If the code does not work, please check the conditions as well as the validity: Is the promotion period still valid?

Have I not added an item to my shopping basket for which the code is valid? Have I made a typing error? To avoid typing errors, we recommend copying the code and pasting it back in. (Be sure not to copy any spaces.)

If you have taken all this into account and the voucher code still does not work, either order without the code and write us a short note in the comment field or send us an email to office@yve-bio.com stating which items you would like to order and how many of them you would like to order, as well as the invoice address or, if applicable, the different delivery address. We will place the order manually for you. In both cases, we will of course include the voucher in the order. (provided that it is valid)

After making an appointment, you can collect ordered goods directly from our warehouse at Sonnenstraße 8 a in Bremen, eastern suburb. To do so, please register in advance by telephone (0421-98885768) or by eMail (office@yve-bio.com) so that our team can have your order ready. Please note that you cannot pay on site. This is still only possible online, using our usual payment methods.

Of course you profit from it! While the referrer receives a voucher for 20% on his next order (not valid for our salt articles), the referred person receives a credit for 10% of the value of the goods of the first order (only permissible for first orders and not belonging to the same household). All you have to do is enter the name and, if possible, the customer number of the referrer in the comments field in the summary of the order when placing the first order.

After receipt of payment and expiry of the cancellation period, you will receive a voucher by email with which you can save 20 % on your next order and the new customer will be credited with 10 % (not valid for our salt articles) for his next purchase.

In the summary of your order before you complete the purchase, you have the option to redeem your credit. There you will see any credit you may have, which you can redeem by clicking on the "Use credit" button.

If you rate our goods, you will receive a credit of 1 or 2 EUR after activation (depending on the length of the rating) (maximum 5 EUR per month). Recruited new customers receive credit amounting to 10% of the value of their first order.

In the summary of your order before you complete the purchase, you have the option to redeem your voucher. There, please enter the sequence of digits or numbers in the field "Your voucher code" and click on the button "Redeem voucher".

We do not have a minimum order value, nor do you have to pay a surcharge if your order is below a certain amount.



You can choose from the following options:

  • PayPal
  • Direct debit (ein PayPal-Service)
  • Credit card (ein PayPal-Service)
  • Purchase on account (ein PayPal-Service)
  • Prepayment
  • Klarna Pay Later (Rechnung mit Klarna)
  • SOFORT bank transfer (powered by Klarna)
  • Payment by instalments (powered by Klarna)
  • giropay
  • Mollie

If you decide to pay in advance, please wait with the transfer until you have received the invoice from us. We will dispatch the goods as soon as possible after receipt of the money on our account (according to the availability of the goods).

The respective terms and conditions of the payment service provider apply.

If you have decided to purchase on account, you must make the payment to PayPal or Klarna. This is also indicated there.

This is done via PayPal or Klarna, as anything else would be uneconomical for us and would involve a great deal of effort. Thank you for your understanding.

Yes, provided you have not yet made the payment. We can send you a corresponding link by email. Simply send a message to office@yve-bio.com. Please include your order and/or invoice number so that we can assign your request directly. Thank you very much.

If you have already made the payment, it is unfortunately no longer possible to make any changes.


IBAN: DE56 6409 1200 0253 2030 07




Most parcels will be sent by DHL.

Please note that the parcel service as well as the consignment number for international shipments may differ later, as DHL hands over parcels to local delivery services.

Smaller parcels within Germany are usually sent by GLS.

Small items, such as EM X-Pipes or Flower of Life stickers, are sent in a bubble envelope.

(You can find out which shipping method is available in your shopping cart).

You would like to have your order delivered to a different address than your billing address? No problem! You can simply select a different delivery address when placing your order in our online shop.

You also have the option of having your parcel sent to a pick-up station or a parcel shop.

Enter your delivery address as follows:

  • First name Last name
  • Postal number
  • Parcel station number
  • Postcode City

Please note that the billing address must NOT be a Packstation and we are not liable for the loss of parcels delivered to a Packstation.

After making an appointment, you can collect ordered goods directly from our warehouse at:

m.a.g. logistik GmbH
Auf dem Brühl 1
Eingang 14
72658 Bempflingen

To do so, please register in advance by  eMail (office@yve-bio.com) so that our team can have your order ready. Please note that you cannot pay on site. This is still only possible online, using our usual payment methods.



We hope you enjoy your order. If you do wish to return something, you can do so as long as you have not used/used any of the items. Please send them back to us with sufficient postage - within 14 days:

m.a.g. logistik GmbH
Auf dem Brühl 1
Eingang 14
72658 Bempflingen

As soon as we have received and inspected the goods, we will immediately refund the purchase price for these unused and undamaged items via the method by which you paid for the order.

Please contact our customer service before returning the goods in order to ensure a quick processing. Simply send us an e-mail at office@yve-bio.com or via our Contact form.

For hygienic reasons, many of our items are unfortunately excluded from return. If you are unable to return the goods received, or are only able to return them in part or in a deteriorated condition, you must compensate us for the loss of value. You only have to pay compensation for the deterioration of the goods if the use or the deterioration is due to a handling of the goods that goes beyond the examination of the characteristics and the functionality. By "testing the properties and functionality" we mean testing and trying out the respective goods, as is possible and customary in a shop, for example.

Despite great care, it can happen that an incorrect item is sent or damaged in transit. If you have received such an item, please refrain from returning it for the time being and contact us, preferably directly with corresponding photos as an email attachment at office@yve-bio.com. We will then contact you as soon as possible with a solution.



For all* items, the statutory warranty period of two years from receipt of the goods shall of course apply. For all defects in the items occurring during the statutory warranty period, the statutory claims for subsequent performance apply. If, of course, an accident happens to you through your own fault, you yourself are responsible.

*Exceptions apply to our taps and glass tanks: For the plastic tap there is a warranty period of 1 year, for the stainless steel taps we grant a 5-year warranty, we give a 6 month guarantee on the glass tanks.



Our water filters prefer a shady place where they are neither too hot nor too cold. Most customers have their filter in the kitchen or office.

Your water filter does not necessarily need to be in a dark place. However, it should not be exposed to direct sunlight or sun reflections, otherwise algae can form. Therefore, make sure that it is not exposed to reflections, e.g. from window panes.

If you do not have such a "shady" place for installation, you can also cover your water filter with an opaque cloth.

If you are looking at the box of parts in despair, cheer up! It really is child's play to assemble a YVE-BIO water filter. You will find everything you need in the shipping box.

There you will also find illustrated instructions. Please go through the instructions step by step and do exactly what they say.

If you can't find the instructions, you can view them quickly and easily in our webshop and also download them here.

On Youtube you can find a corresponding video

YVE-BIO Alstar

Here you can find the assembly instructions for the Alstar 700 All-in-One

If something is unclear or does not work properly, it is best to first look at our FAQ under "First aid". This will help you directly and immediately.

Can't find the right answer to your question? Then simply contact us. The best way is by email (office@yve-bio.com) or via our contact form with corresponding photos so that we have all the information available and can help you directly.



The easiest and quickest way to find out the replacement times is to refer to the sheet "Replacement times and preparation" which you received with your water filter. It lists when and how the individual parts are to be cleaned.

If you no longer have this, you can simply view it directly in our online shop and download it here.

The capacity of the cartridge to bind pollutants is reached after approx. 1500 litres of water. A 2-person household uses this amount of water within approximately half a year. Cartridge replacement after this period is recommended in the German DIN regulation. We also strongly recommend keeping to this interval, as the principle is similar to a sponge. When the capacity is used up, the activated carbon releases the retained pollutants again.

By the way: The parts that are responsible for filtering belong in the residual waste. Please do not open them, as there are bound pollutants inside.

If you do not use the YVE-BIO water filter for more than 6 days, you should proceed as follows:

Remove and rinse the DOME-FILTER® or the ceramic filter, the cartridge and other accessories. Rinse both water containers and the plastic accessories with a mixture of water and food-safe citric acid (1:100). Then allow everything to air dry.

Please note the instructions for the DOME-FILTER®: The activated carbon inside naturally needs more time to dry than the ceramic outside. The DOME-FILTER® should be stored in a cool, dark place - away from chemicals or strong odours. When putting it back into service, it is recommended that you dispose of the first tank of water. Now your DOME-FILTER® is ready for use again.

If you want to use the water filter again, simply set up the water filter system as usual. To do this, proceed in the same way as for the first start-up. If you do not have the instructions at hand, you can easily view them in our online shop or here.

You can also find a corresponding video on Youtube.



When you put the DOME-FILTER® into operation, you may be surprised that the filtration takes a long time. In the beginning, there is still air in the millions of pores that has to escape. Therefore, during the first period of operation, make sure that the upper tank is always completely filled with tap water. The pressure created by this will speed up the process considerably. (Depending on how consistent you are with refilling, this process should be completed after about two days).

However, even after this, the DOME-FILTER® will take longer to filter than conventional ceramic filters because the DOME-FILTER® already contains activated carbon. While channels can form in activated carbon fillings over time and the water can then flow through unfiltered, this is not the case with the DOME-FILTER®. Tests were carried out with over 3000 litres of water flow and the retention of pollutants was still over 99 % (for glyphosate, PCBs, chlorine, arsenic, etc.).