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YVE-BIO® filter systems

natural cleaning These pages show the YVE-BIO® filters that filter our tap water in the natural manner demonstrated to us by nature.

The water runs through the high-density ceramic filter with a pore size of only 0.2 µm (micrometres). The ceramics filter out up to 100% of germs, bacteria, sediments and other harmful substances. Up to 90% of nitrates are bound in the filter cartridge containing charcoal (without nano-silver), ceramics and other mineral substances, and harmful substances are minimised. The water is re-mineralised by the mineral shell and energised by the natural flow and turbulences. In addition, the water tap contains a magnet that causes the water to rotate clockwise. This is the basic principle of the various models. Additionally added EM pipes (effective micro-organisms) provide for antioxidative water, and the waterstones (precious stones) make it energy-rich.

The YVE-BIO® Alstar 700 All-in-One brings the water into an even higher alkaline range. In addition, the water obtains a hexagonal structure thanks to the installed twister. See our test results in the information section. Your YVE-BIO GmbH






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