Water - Body - Air - Energy

We take care of you, for pure water, pure body, pure air.
YVE-BIO filter systems - natural cleaning of your water and for your energy
On these pages, you will find YVE-BIO® filter systems, which filter your water in a natural way, just as nature pretends to us.
Article with EM for good care products
Body care products with EM Effective microorganisms® for skin, hair care and oral care.
Air ionisation with BioClimatic® for healthy indoor air in your home
Cleans your air and enriches it with pure ions, ensures air purification in a natural way and lifts the ion concentration to a natural deficiency.
VitaJuwel® & Chakra Bottles with i9 & Gemstones
Man does not need much for his good life, including energy, food, air and water.
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