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Ion exchanger IK-NF2 Fluorid

   Ion exchanger IK-NF2 Fluorid...

Ion exchanger IK-NF2 Fluorid


1. General

The Carbonit ion exchanger cartridge IK-NF-2 Fluorid (hereinafter called: IK-NF2 ) is a two-part cartridge. The empty housing (IK refill cartridge) is intended for multiple use and can optionally be filled with ion-exchange resins for flourid rate reduction of drinking water.


Alternatively, the Carbonit ion exchanger can also be used for limescale-reduction by decarbonisation (carbonate hardness), for softening (total hardness) or for nitrate reduction.


Filling or resin replacement is easy and can be done by the user.


The cartridge is filled with a relatively small quantity of ion exchange resin (about 0.7 l); as a consequence, the flow rate of the water must be adjusted and the usage time per filling (standing time) is relatively limited.


Therefore, the IK-NF2 K/N in principle makes only sense for small quantities for beverage and food preparation.


2. Maintenance


The granulate has to be replaced from time to time after the ending of its life cycle.


In opposition to calcium carbonate Flourid does not cause any visible signs (in the tool) if the granulate expires. Therefore we recommend you to quantify the Flourid rate from time to time. The exact time to change the resin depends on your average water consumption and the Flourid rate of your water. The measurement tool kit (Art. No. 542009) will support you to gain always Flourid-free water.

3. Options of delivery


The configuration of the Carbonit Ion Exchange Cartridge has to be done by the user and can be ordered as follows:


a)      The empty IK refill cartridge NF2 (Art.-No. 245IK-NF2)

b)     Flourid/Arsenic Adsorber refill package(Art.-No. 710020)


Starter equipment:

Ion exchange cartridge IK-NF-2

Flourid/Arsenic Adsorber refill package (Art.-No. 710020)

Measurement tool kit (Art.-No. 542009)

quantity controller

(Art.-No. 579062)


Please note:

The Carbonit Ion exchanger cartridge IK-NF-2  is mainly considered for assembly in the following units:


Carbonit DUO-HP (also for Carbonit filtration units SANUNO and CITO-QC )



VARIO HP-Classic (Delivery excluding Filtration cartridge)

For installation under your sink (water tap included). The filtrated water can be optimized by transferring it afterward into an YVE-BIO-Filter.


Any other standard device suitable for 9 ¾ inch cartridges