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YVE-BIO® Washing Balls

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YVE-BIO® Washing Balls


2 Pieces

YVE-BIO- Magic Washing Balls: Cleanliness without detergent.


Use and duration of use

  • Use in the washing machine (regular and drum washing machine)

Suitable for three years (based on use once a day)


  • The MAGIC WASHING BALL, consisting of four natural ceramics in a round ball, has been scientifically developed so that it can clean laundry without detergent.

  • The MAGIC WASHING BALL replaces the most important functions of ordinary chemical detergent.

  • Based on the test results by a state-authorized organization, we have been attested an excellent record in cleaning strength and force, more precisely for decolorization and sterilization.

  • Compared to the normal washing process, we achieved results that were both desirable and economical: detergent and water saving, electrically efficient and time saving.

  • This is a global invention for which a patent application has been filed.

  • This surfactant-free washing ball is a versatile product that acts as a natural health and spa product, an environmental safety tool as well as a scientific product.


Washing principle

  • The powerful far infrared rays of the MAGIC WASHING BALL break the hydrogen combinations of the water molecules into small clusters and force the small water clusters, activated in this way, to increase their molecular motion, their penetrating power and the washing power. They also emit negative ions to weaken the surface and prevent adhesion to the fabric so that dirt can easily be removed - without detergent.

  • The MAGIC WASHING BALL keeps the pH spectrum at the level of ordinary chemical cleaners and helps remove oil-dirt from the clothes.

  • The MAGIC WASHING BALL eliminates the chloride compound in the water, weakens the water surface tension and increases the cleaning power.

  • The MAGIC WASHING BALL eliminates mold and pathogenic organisms in the washing machine and activates the water to enhance its cleaning power.



  • For a washing capacity of more than 8.5 kgs, use two Magic Washing Balls. Put the Magic Washing Balls on top of the laundry (clothes, etc.) in the wash basket and fill in water.

  • Let the clothes soak in the water for one hour, so that the tap water is transformed into activated water. This period allows the Magic Washing Ball to act on the water. If you wash clothes often, fill in water and pour it over the Magic Washing Balls first to shorten the soaking time.

  • For a normal wash cycle, it is advisable to start the washing machine after the soaking time or the wash cycle for heavily soiled laundry. For heavily soiled laundry, you can add 1/5 (one fifth) of a normal cleaner to the Magic Washing Ball.

  • Before starting the washing machine, we recommend that you separate the laundry by color and fabric as usual.

  • Upon completion of the wash cycle, you can leave the Magic Washing Ball in the machine for the next laundry .


For greater efficiency, expose the Magic Washing Ball to the sun once a month.


1 VPE contains 2 Magic Washing Balls

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