NFP Premium Carbonit Cartuccia del filtro

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Carbonit NFP Premium Filter Cartridge for Water filters SANUNO, VARIO u. DUO


Activated carbon cartridge NFP for DUO / VARIO / SANUNO

The CARBONIT NFP Premium is a sintered activated carbon block filter with a high wall thickness. It was awarded the Innovation Prize Saxony-Anhalt 1998 and scientifically verified. Activated carbon possesses a large surface area, which is used as adsorbent among others in chemistry, medicine and water and wastewater treatment. It primarily removes unwanted color, taste and odor substances from gases, vapors and liquids and is therefore ideally suited for water purification.
This sintered activated carbon block filter on coconut base focuses on water purification through chemical and physical removal of unwanted components in drinking water
eg as a result of the influences of home installation. Compared to our combination of activated carbon block filters and membrane, it contains twice the amount of activated carbon for water filtration.

CARBONIT Complete Systems

In the factory the NFP Premium 9 with a filter fineness of 0.45-micron absolute is inserted into the corresponding filter systems DUO, VARIO and SANUNO. The resulting water filtration provides a high protection against bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides, polar pesticides and drug residues. This activated carbon block filter combines the known adsorptive forces of sintered activated carbon (eg pesticides) with mechanical water filtration (eg bacteria).



Filter cartridges CARBONIT are consistently without additives (eg silver) and made subject to a permanent, external supervision by the Federal Trade Institute (LGA) Bavaria, a subsidiary of TÜV Süd Group. By dispensing with additives, we define a purity law, which exceeds the strict German food law.


For technical reasons, the use is permitted only with cold water. Please protect against frost.

Maintenance and filter replacement

The service life of 6 months is recommended throughout Europe. Thus, in addition to the statements of DIN 1988, also the epdwa guidelines, the HKI recommendations and the findings of various DIN standards (NAL LH / AK HW 0029) and DIN EN 14898 as well as the DVGW work sheet W 513 are to be considered.

> For SANUNO the flat seal at the bottom cover has to be removed



CARBONIT® Monoblock NFP Premium filter cartridges fit the following filter devices: SANUNO, VARIO-HP, DUO-HP

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