Vortice d'acqua AW 888 Aquawhirler

Codice articolo: AW-888

Aquawhirler -888 steel

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Vitalized quality water from your own water line


The advantages of our water whirlers:

  • Your tap water tastes milder and fresher, almost like from a natural source

  • The water receives more oxygen.

  • The CO² in the water is reduced by the turbulence and thereby easier to digest.

  • Prepared food and drinks taste better and more natural through the use of the water whirlers

  • You save water as the water surface area is increased through the emerging vortex.


As a shower head, the Aquawhirler AW-888 acts as a stimulant - you feel as if you are under a waterfall.
With the additionally available EM-Ceramic Pipes and / or gemstone mixtures you can create your own personal feel-good water.
Infinitely variable adjustment of the water flow rate possible (AW-888 models, AW-112 and GR-888).

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