Heavenly Water,
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Water is the basic building block of life.

A sufficient supply is the basic prerequisite for a functioning metabolism and
is responsible for the regulation of the digestive tract and the cardiovascular system.

The YVE®-BIO has set itself the task to develop devices that are capable of this
To clean up the water of pollutants and to naturally mineralize and energize them, as in nature by a natural spring water.

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Filter systems

YVE-BIO® filter systems natural cleaning These...

Alkaline / Hexagonal devices

YVE-BIO alkaline/hexagonal devices  ...

Tritan Trinkflaschen

Safe Tritan bottlesThe bottles   are made of...

Special offers

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Keramikfilter YVE-BIO

Ceramic filter

€ 38,99 *
YVE-BIO Mineralirnring


€ 13,55 *
EM X Pipe grau Wasserfilter YVE-BIO


€ 10,63 *
€ 10,63 per 100 g
YVE-BIO Mineraliensteine Nachfüllpack Trinkwasserfilter...


€ 19,01 *
€ 38,02 per 1 kg