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Together with the best research and laboratory facilities, such as the Fraunhofer Institute and the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), YVE-BIO offers you the possibility of testing your daily environment for possible pollutants. Safe, reliable, independent and reasonably priced! Trust our renowned, accredited laboratory and analysis partners for results that deliver what they promise!


About us

YVE-BIO filter systems + YVE-BIO products

are offered to you for a particular reason:

Water is the basic building block of life. Depending on age and sex, each person consists of 50 to 80% water. A basic requirement for a functioning metabolism and the regulation of the digestive and cardiovascular systems is, among other things, a sufficient supply of water to the human body.

However, not all water is equal. The daily water intake should be as free as possible from contaminants and residues, whilst simultaneously being enriched with important minerals.

We have therefore set ourselves the task of assembling a high-quality water purification system under the brandYVE-BIO.
The fundamental elements of our filters were created through decades of research by Japanese scientists,further developed by Korean manufacturers,

and then made ready for the market.

Thousands of years of Asian healing are combined here with the expertise of Western medicine.

South Koreais one of the leading countries in the area of medical and

health care technology, and manufacturing is subject to strict quality standards.

All YVE-BIO products are certified internationally and manufactured according to Korean,North American and European standards.

Our products boast high filter performance, premium materials including glass tanks made of lead-free crystal glass, and a variety of designs.

We use select stone mixtures with valuable minerals and high-density, fine-pored ceramics and EM ceramics.


There are many good reasons to choose YVE-BIO®.

Just give you a try. Discover how tap water once more becomes a natural, pure and delicious element becomes.

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