i9 Bottles and Gemstones

i9 Bottles and Gemstones

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Gemstones and Hand Charmers

The message of Dr Masaru Emoto Water can absorb and store...

More than just H2O
Water: the basis of life!

The human body consists of about 70% water. It is therefore obvious that the quality of the water we consume every day has a decisive influence on our well-being, our health and our life expectancy.
Many people drink too little water. Clear signs of water deficiency are poor concentration and headaches. With VitaJuwel you will completely rediscover water as a pleasure and drink more water! Why is drinking enough healthy and vital water so important?

  1. Because it positively influences all bodily functions.
  2. Because it can slow down the ageing process.
  3. Because drinking enough water prevents obesity.
  4. Because it increases performance.
  5. Because it strengthens our immune system.

You decide with every sip whether you want to drink dead and polluted water or treat your body to living and healthy water!

Water and its constituents

The quality of drinking water is not only determined by its chemical composition. Water is not just H2O. The groundbreaking findings of the world-famous pioneer of water research Dr. Masaru Emoto have shown: Water has a memory. Water can be positively changed by external influences.

destilled water

Water sample: Distilled water

This photo was taken by the HadoLife laboratory (co-founded by Dr Masaru Emoto) at -30° Celsius under the microscope.

gem water

Water sample: gemstone water

After treating the same water with VitaJuwel for 7 minutes, the HadoLife laboratory took another photograph.

The crystal structure of VitaJuwel gemstone water is comparable to pure, fresh spring water!

Water and information

„Computer science is the science of processing information. All data, texts, images, videos, etc. can ultimately be traced back to a binary system: to ‚0' und ‚1'. In order to present complex information, it is not necessary to have a complex basis ? it is the combinations that count.

But what does that have to do with water? Water is also made up of two simple building blocks: Hydrogen and oxygen, which have many different combinations. In science, it is disputed whether water can store information. However, everyone knows that there are qualitative differences between good and bad water. When we think of bad water, we usually think of contamination by toxins and not so much of the information content, which changes, for example, due to pressure and long pipe transport. There are many indications of this, as shown, for example, by the test results of the Überlingen laboratory or the drop images of the Institute for Flow Sciences in Herrischried. The classification and evaluation of such results varies greatly from person to person. I see it as proven that water absorbs and stores information from the environment, i.e. it can be badly or well informed. That is why I have been using the VitaJuwel vials for years to improve the quality of my drinking water."

Prof. Dr. Udo Bleimann

Professor of business informatics, especially information and knowledge management, for 29 years. He teaches in Darmstadt, Plymouth (UK) and Cork (IRL).

Drinking water promotes concentration

Drinking enough throughout the day increases performance by ten percent! According to a Forsa survey, a third of all children go to school in the morning without having had anything to drink. Even in class, pupils drink far too little. This not only affects their performance, but also their health development. A fluid deficit has been shown to make it harder for children to concentrate and to reduce their attention span.

Drinks are an often underestimated aspect of a balanced diet. Since children's sense of thirst is too weak, they need to be reminded to drink regularly. Children between the ages of seven and ten should drink about one litre per day, and considerably more in hot weather and during physical exertion.

Nothing runs without water

„As a personal trainer, one of the most important tips I give my clients is to take plenty of water with them: Take enough water with you to the exercises and don't wait until you are thirsty to drink! With rising temperatures combined with physical exertion, we sweat more and thus the need for fluids also increases. You can prepare your body optimally with ½ l of water directly before training. Loss of fluid can lead to a loss of performance and discomfort. However, training should be fun and that is why my VitaJuwel ViA is my constant companion on the track and in the studio!"

Roxana Strasser

Personal Trainerin & Ernährungsexpertin, www.roxisecke.de

Gemstones and water: ancient traditions

Hildegard von Bingen, the abbess who lived over 900 years ago, laid the foundation stone in Europe with her life's work for the holistic view of the human being as a unity of body, mind and soul. In her well-known work on medicine, the 'Physica', she dedicated an independent section to stone healing: The Book of the Stones. In easy-to-understand pictures and parables, Hildegard gives information on how stones work, how they are used and how they come into being.

She regarded gemstones as God-given treasures of nature that can help heal all ailments of both physical and spiritual origin. As 'carriers of heavenly energies of creation', gemstones are said to be able to radiate healing vibrations. Here is a selected original text from the 'Physica', written around 1150, on the effect of „Rock crystal water":

„Whoever suffers in the heart or stomach or abdomen, warm the rock crystal in the sun and pour water over the sun-warmed stone, immediately place the same crystal in this water for a little while (hour) and drink this water often (daily) as long as the sun shines, and it will be better with the heart, with the stomach and with the abdomen."

How do gemstones actually work?

„The effect of gemstones is based on electromagnetic frequencies and sound vibrations that all stones emit. Every mineral has a typical electromagnetic frequency spectrum from the transformation of absorbed radiation. This is already used in mineralogy to determine the smallest minerals. The sound oscillation, in turn, results from the natural oscillation of the minerals stimulated by heat or other factors, which have long been used technically in quartz watches. Simplified, it can be said that every stone has an "energetic fingerprint" that it spreads beyond its material boundaries into the environment. Radiation and sound therefore also convey information from the stones to us humans. Depending on the inner resonance we have to this information, it can unfold its effects on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. In this sense, stone healing is an "information therapy" with similar mechanisms of action as homeopathy or Bach flower therapy.

Tradition and modernity

„With the VitaJuwel, the best gemstone water can be produced in a very simple way. The encasing of the stones in the glass rod makes safe and hygienic handling child's play, and risks from treated or poisonous stones are also excluded. In addition, the aesthetic design creates a positive feeling in the observer, which also flows into the water and improves the quality of the gemstone water. The VitaJuwel is an ingenious solution and ensures one hundred percent information transfer of the gemstones to the water."

Michael Gienger

Michael Gienger (1964-2014) was an international expert and founder of analytical stone healing. He had been interested in stones since early childhood. From 1985 onwards he was intensively involved in stone healing. He was the author of numerous healing stone books and a lecturer in geomancy and stone healing.

Everything revolves around energy

It's all about energy

Most people rely on their 5 senses to grasp what they believe to be real. The scope and framework of this sensory perception is decisively shaped by the circumstances, culture and not least the time in which we live. An excellent example of this is the unshakable assumption that the world is flat, before research taught us otherwise. Who can see over the edge of a sphere? Try to open yourself to the idea that there might be more than your senses (can) convey to you. The universal law of nature states that every living being and every matter has a certain vibration. Everything consists of atoms. Atoms are permanently in motion. Nothing is completely in a state of rest. Every gemstone has its own subtle vibrational frequency. These vibrations have been proven to restructure water. This concept has been used by healers of all cultures to create "crystal elixirs". And they did this without being able to perceive these vibrations sensually. VitaJuwel now uses this concept to give water back its original energy and to give it the quality of spring water. It does not matter that the gemstones are „behind glass". Glass is not a barrier for vibrations, on the contrary, it is even able to bundle or amplify vibrations. Think of sun rays and a magnifying glass! And believe us, you don't want secretions from commercial waxed stones or heavy metals, which some stones can release into the water, in your drinking water. Enjoy your water pure and natural - with VitaJuwel.

Modern stone healing

„It is self-evident to me that the success of any effort to improve health has one prerequisite: The sufficient supply of high quality water. This is especially true for information therapies, such as gemstone healing. Through VitaJuwel, the water itself becomes the carrier of the vibrations of the stones. „Your food should be your remedy and your remedy your food", said Hippocrates. With VitaJuwel, there is no need for the time-consuming cleaning of raw stones directly inserted into drinking water, but above all, the taste unfolds faster, more balanced and clearly finer, and distinctively different for each variety. The aesthetic appeal of the perfect shape of the vials elevates stone healing into the realm of culture, as each mouth-blown vial is unique and, on the table as a source of inspiration, a landmark of stylish hospitality."


Walter von Holst

Walter von Holst is an honorary member of Steinheilkunde e.V. and founder of the international research project Steinheilkunde. He is considered a leading expert in lithotherapy. He confirms his extraordinary competence above all as the author of the „Encyclopaedia of Stone Healing".

VitaJuwel Crystal Virtues

Over the centuries, the doctrine of the subtle body has been studied and practically applied by numerous scholars. Whether in the Far Eastern tradition or in the teachings of the Orient and Occident, healers have used this concept to balance the energies of the body with gemstones. Certain attributes were attributed to the stones based on centuries of experience in practical use. We have taken up this tradition to make it easier for you to choose between our gemstone variations. A variation can combine several attributes.

  • Leadership, Clarity & Focus
  • Intuition, world view & wisdom
  • Communication, expressiveness & openness
  • Love, Harmony & Balance
  • Self-confidence, mind & inner strength
  • Sensuality, feeling & warmth
  • Will to live, safety & security

Our gemstone vials are handmade from high-quality, Bohemian glass by master craftsmen in a patented manufacturing process. We use only pollutant-free glass and fair-trade, carefully selected gemstones. Fix your vial in a carafe filled with water and after about 7 minutes you can already enjoy your heavenly gemstone water. Like fresh from the source!

Gemstones in glass. To improve the water.

The era carafe is very easy to fill via the spout in the lid without having to remove it. Thanks to its unique shape, the beautiful stainless steel spout also protects your drinking water from external contamination. Both the glass and the lid are dishwasher safe.

Our carafe era with its extraordinary design puts your gemstone vial in the best possible light. The first carafe that was specially developed for the VitaJuwel gemstone vials in terms of its shape and application. A carafe with an eye-catching design in which the gemstone vial seems to float. The vial hangs securely fixed in the lid of the carafe so that it cannot hit the carafe wall even when pouring.

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