Healing effects?

Herbert Decker
Healing effects? - Healing effects water filter

Healing effects?

Even the coffee HAG inventor, Julius Roselius, knew that hexagonal water can have healing effects. Hardly any other image can depict intact water as well as that of a babbling mountain stream. At each stone, the water swirls and enriches itself with oxygen.

The Austrian pioneer of water revitalisation, Viktor Schauberger, recognised a fundamental type of movement in nature in the rotation of water and was involved in the construction of water treatment devices at the beginning of the 1930s. He stated: "Nothing was more obvious than to study in detail the natural way of movement in spring creeks still uninfluenced by man and to carry out appropriate experiments.

Franz Ferzak writes of amazing miracles in his biography of Schauberger:

"Healing of paralysed people, cancer and leukaemia patients. The coffee merchant Ludwig Roselius from Germany, whom the world-famous Professor Sauerbruch wanted to amputate a leg, although he was sure that the man had to die anyway, got well again - after he had the water flown in (!) in bottles. Professor Sauerbruch, as I (editor's note: Viktor Schauberger) was constantly informed, could not explain the sudden improvement."

With our Alstar 700 All-in-One, we have succeeded in mimicking the natural turbulence of mountain streams: The twister enriches the water with oxygen, tears apart the cluster clumps and restructures it. While other suppliers of turbulators only restructure the water, our Alstar 700 All-in-One also removes pollutants from the water. Even the so-called pollutant information still remaining in the water is deleted by the turbulence and replaced by a natural restructuring of the clusters. Try it out!