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AirDeco Pyramid.  BioClimatic®
Choose healthy indoor air for your home

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AirDeco Pyramid, BioClimatic®
Choose healthy indoor air for your home
bioclimatic® Produkte Made in Germany

With its geometry, the pyramid takes an exceptional position. For millennia, people are fascinated by the evenness of this body. Here practicability and modern design melt into a beautiful eye-catcher.

You can use the AirDeco Pyramid both continuously or short term ? e.g. for removal of strong odors ? in a room up to 80m³. Place the despite its small size powerful air ionization device in the proximity of the emission source. The pyramid neutralizes odors of all kind, also pollen, germs such as bacteria and molds: safe, clean, efficient.

Equipment / Special Features:

·                            Sensor based / manual operation mode

·                            Integrated intensity regulator

·                            Powerful small device

·                            Flexibly useable

·                            Dimensions: approx. 160 x 160 x 160mm

·                            Power supply 100-240V

·                            Depending on contamination suitable for up to 80m³

·                            Power consumption max. 7W

·                            Colors: black / white / silver / dark pearl gray

·                            International plug adapters optionally available

Suitable for:

Apartments, houses, dog and cat owners, allergic persons, smokers, patients with respiratory diseases

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