Filtro per acqua potabile 3000 Premium

Codice articolo: YVE-3000-EM

YVE-BIO®-3000 Premium Supérieur, made of glass

Categoria: Sistemi di filtraggio

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YVE-BIO®-3000 Premium Supérieur, made of glass, top and bottom glass + EM-Starterset

The YVE-BIO 3000 Premium Supérieur with its appealing design.
The top and bottom tanks are made of hand-blown, lead-free crystal glass.
The smallest inclusions bear witness to the handicraft.
Like the YVE-BIO 3000 in its composition and function;
see functional explanations.

A composition of:

Ceramic filter
5-Step Filter cartridge with the steps; Aktivkohle-, Kalk-Ionisator-, Zeolith-, Silizium-; Alkaline-, Steps. ,
Mineral basket
Watertap with magnet 
+ EM-Starterset:  EM pipes grey and pink + waterstone (gemstones)

Delivery times. 2 to 5 days


Height 65 cm
Width 33 cm
Depth 31cm
Packaging 33 x 35 x 61cm

Weight approximately 9.5 kg, including packaging

Click HERE to see the precise composition and for additional information.

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YVE-BIO Filtersysteme Erklärung+Funktion

YVE-BIO Filtersysteme Erklärung+Funktion

YVE-BIO Filtersysteme Erklärung+Funktion

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