Founder's thoughts

2021-01-28 00:07:00 / News from YVE-BIO®
Founder\'s thoughts - Founding idea YVE-BIO

For the founder of YVE-BIO®, Herbert Decker, water has always fascinated him, the world of water has been his source of inspiration, from his youth when he grew up by the streams, rivers and lakes of the Allgäu to later (since 1998) set his idea of better water filtration and especially of "revitalisation" in motion, he came across Viktor Schauberger, who gained this knowledge in particular through the study of water turbulence, up to the hexagonal healthy structure of the water molecules, already in the 19th to 20th century. The Japanese Dr. Masaru Emoto Prof. Higa also contributed to this.

This study has now come to this symbiosis of united forces to the production of the YVE-BIO® filters, which contain all these purifying and invigorating and also esoteric forces, in its filtering power for healthy water.

The entire process not only serves you for your personal water purification and energisation, but also for the preservation of our planet. Just as every little input helps, just as every little butterfly stroke has an unconscious effect on us, to cleanse the natural world again and to restore it to a healthy state, i.e. to win it back.

In this sense, in order to give water back its own power, since water actually has a high "renewal power" of its own in itself, even has a memory structure in itself, it has come into sustained care, through high levels of pollution etc., that healthy water symbiosis, for and us in its natural form, is supreme task for us humans to restore and protect this for the water itself and for us.

That's why he has put all the research together on our new star, the YVE-BIO® High glass energy-vitality Filter and with the CeramicCarbon in the Ultimate DOME Filter concentrated to give you the best energetic-vitalising natural cleansing filtration performance.

Your YVE-BIO Team