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About us

Water - Air - Body - Energy

Herbert Decker in Indien

When I developed severe skin problems in 1998 at the age of 51, I visited several specialists and went to a dermatology clinic - but no one could help me. It was not until I took part in an Ayurveda cure in the smallest Indian state of Goa in 2001 that there were significant improvements in my skin. But as soon as I returned to my home in Bremen, the symptoms became worse than before. I soon travelled to India again and made friends with a young Ayurvedic doctor. (How we created the brand EM-Ayurvedic® years later, you can read below). During the following years I read everything about my illness and started to heal myself. The Ayurvedic cures with the symbiosis of water-air-body-energy were decisive. I drank healthy water, breathed clean air, ate organic food and received spiritual energy through the seven chakras. There in Goa, there is small-scale farming, using spring water without pollutants or chemical fertilisers. Like the Romans, they irrigate their fields with water pipes from the mountains. Wheat and rice are still preserved in their original form, fish is caught regionally, meat is only available from goats, sheep and chickens, milk in the traditional way from water buffaloes. In those days, there was no conventionally produced food to buy, only fresh, natural food. (Most of what we are offered today can no longer be called such. It no longer has any life in it). The air came from the West without the industrial haze, and the energy for the chakras was brought in by oneself. That was my way of healing my ailments.

But once again, I was hardly back in Germany and the disease struck again. I was not yet completely cured. So my studies on health continued. In Berlin, I took part in a seminar. Here, a water filter was presented that promised pure water - like spring water. I bought a filter system from the current competition, but this one did not convince me and I turned away from it. At the same time, on a trip to London, I discovered an identical water filter in a large organic department stores' in Kensington. I took this home with me and, as I am a merchant, it was not far-fetched to not only enjoy health through filtered tap water, but to market the drinking water filter itself cheaply. Soon I got the Austrian and the German marketing rights for these water filters. However, since the manufacturer rejected all my suggestions for improvement, I developed my own brand YVE-BIO® in 2014.

Building the company and the water filtration systems was rocky and difficult. But I worked diligently to realise my goals:

  • Have water tanks made of glass,

  • improve the contents of the individual stages of the filter cartridge,

  • Use high-quality activated carbon,

  • Add clinoptilolite,

  • Offer stainless steel taps,

  • have different mixtures of tourmaline and jade fired into BioBalls,

  • create a completely new ceramic filter,

  • have a filter made that swirls the water according to Viktor Schauberger,

  • produce their own EM-Ayurvedic care products.

Everything should be tested by recognised, accredited laboratories and not by one-man institutes without licensing. I wanted to learn from the mistakes of the competition. That's why I always sent the complete drinking water filter for testing and not just a water sample like other suppliers.

Meanwhile, together with my Indian friend and Ayurvedic doctor Dr. George Leon, I am developing the Ayurvedic care series

YVE-BIO® und EM (effektive Mikroorganismen) und Ayurvedic Formulas


This new brand EM-Ayurvedic® is made with Indian medicinal herbs and effective microorganisms as antioxidants naturally and without animal testing.

My story about Ayurvedic

In 2001, my wife and I met the young doctor of Ayurvedic medicine and health teachings, Dr. George Leon, in India on the Indian Railway and he convinced us to participate in an Ayurvedic cure. From then on, I became deeply involved with Ayurvedic health teachings and its medicinal products, right down to the care products.

Even today I am still friends with Dr. George Leon from Kerala, the Ayurvedic stronghold. With him and his brother, engineer Johnson Leon, we have the EM-Ayurvedic® Care products manufactured in Kerala (India). The highest priority for us is the quality and the positive effect of the care products.

YVE-BIO Indien

The symbiosis

The fact that the human skin is the largest organ that is receptive to healthy as well as stressful substances was only really recognised very late in our western world. Since industrialisation, our cosmetics have been increasingly contaminated with chemicals, and it is only in recent years that the trend has gone back to natural care products. Through my trust in the Indian Ayurvedic herbs, which are present in medicines as well as in care products in pure form, we came to combine a symbiosis of soaps and liquid care products with EM X Gold ceramics. This is completely new worldwide. The trademark application for EM-Ayurvedic® was filed in 2018.

Over the years, I got to know other positive effects on my body through articles such as the Chakra Bottle i9, which transfers positive thoughts or information to the water with the help of so-called orgone energy. I really wanted to include this glass bottle in the YVE-BIO® range. I also integrated the air filters from BioClimatic®, which render viruses and germs harmless through the natural ionic balance, water vials from VitaJuwel® and now also natural salt from the Salzkammergut with 85 minerals. Because humans do not need the sodium chloride that we mistakenly call salt, but salt in a form that is available to the cells. I continue to work at full speed to realise my goals and to expand the product range, which helps to achieve greater well-being and health.

Yours sincerely Herbert Decker