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AquaKalko Mini

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AquaKalko Mini

?       For use in the coffee maker or electric kettle

?       Protects the technology of the machine and the heating elements from calcification

?       Durability up to 6 months

?       Monthly disinfection of AquaKalko mini recommended when used in the coffee machine (place in min. 70 ° C water for a short time, see DVGW W 551)

Chemical-free limescale protection
AquaKalko uses ceramic granules with a specially coded surface to initiate the process of heterogeneous catalysis . A similar process can be observed in nature with shells and corals.

The tap water flows around the AquaKalko granules. Within seconds, small seed crystals of a few ten thousandths of a millimeter will automatically form on the granule surface. These dissolve again immediately to make room for other crystals.

The floating seed crystals in the water are carried into all pipes and connected devices. They capture the lime and do not adhere to the treated water anymore. The chemical composition of the water is not changed. A restoration of old installations and boilers is possible in just a few months, as even existing calcifications are slowly detached in a gentle process and carried along. Chemical-free limescale protection is a recognized biotechnology. Since 2009 it has been stipulated in the EU standard EN 1988-20 clause 12.7 (technical regulations for drinking water installations) that limescale protection devices with seed crystallization are allowed for drinking water installations and are in line with the state of the art. Methods that operate on the basis of seed crystallization meet the requirements of general technical rules.


·        Prevention of lime scale

·        No tight limescale on dried surfaces

·        Removal of old lime deposits in pipes and appliances

·        Creation of a protection Iayer in the pipes

·        Chemical and salt-free

·        The water remains chemically the same

·        Maintenance-free technology

·        Prolongs the life of your pipes and equipment

·        Savings in energy costs

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