YVE-BIO sub-filter

Herbert Decker
2015-01-23 20:38:00 / Current / Comments 0
YVE-BIO sub-filter - sub filter yve-bio

Now that we can offer different devices that filter with gravity into glass or hexagonal structured basic water, we have added another very positive filtration system.  

Made in Germany.  

High performance in terms of pollutant reduction. Fully tested by laboratories and universities.


See below YVE-BIO sub-filter;the sub-filters and as a preview for your sink in the kitchen:  A noble part of stainless steel. Contents an EM Premium cartridge with various ingredients and of course with EM ceramic, branded EM - Effective microorganisms, with high antioxidant effect. The on your sink in the kitchen performs all functions of cleaning and energizing. Tested with 3 way tap and Made in Germany Available from May