YVE-BIO® Ultimate


 YVE-BIO® Ultimate...


YVE-BIO® Ultimate

Get to know our new Ultimate range: a symbiosis of pure, structured and thus cell-available water

We are constantly striving to improve our products and with this series we have clearly succeeded:

  • The star among ceramic filters, our DOME filter®, frees your tap water from pesticides such as glyphosate, drug residues, hormones, heavy metals, PCBs and much more. Let the sensational effectiveness of its filtration convince you.
  • The Energy Vitality cartridge energises your water with a mix of tourmaline, germanium, jade and phlogopite, bringing it back to life.
  • The body needs cell-available water for every metabolic process. Experience it yourself and feel the beneficial effect of pure water.



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  Spare Parts for the Ultimate Water Filter our...

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EM X Pipes grey Drinking water filter Water filter YVE-BIO

EM X-Pipes grey

€ 10,90 *
€ 10,90 per 100 g
Mineral ring drinking water filter Water filter YVE-BIO

Mineral ring

€ 13,90 *
DOME Filter®

DOME Filter®

€ 59,90 *
Drinking water filter 3000 Ultimate

3000 Ultimate

€ 419,00 *
Gemstones Gemstones Drinking Water Filter YVE-BIO

Waterstone Gemstones

€ 14,95 *
€ 2,99 per 100 g
Citric acid purification Drinking water filter Water...

Citric acid

€ 5,70 *
€ 30,00 per 1 kg
EM X Pipes Pink Drinking water filter YVE-BIO

EM X-Pipes pink

€ 9,95 *
€ 12,44 per 100 g
Flower of life sticker drinking water filter YVE-BIO

Flower of Life

€ 6,50 *