Tabletop- / Under sink filter

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YVE-BIO® countertop/below-counter


These filters are new feature of YVE-BIO, made in Germany.

The devices offer you optimal protection from contamination by effectively filtering out harmful substances such as heavy metals, germs, bacteria, micro-organisms, fungi/yeasts, pesticides, chlorine/lindane/DDT, etc., and medication residues.


According to the test reports (refer to the information section), up to 99% of harmful substances are filtered out.


Various cartridges are enriched with EM ceramics for improved energisation.

The accessory parts, in particular the Whirlator elements, also offer positive effects.

YVE-BIO Auftisch and Unterbaufilter
  Everything made in Germany

This is a new feature of the YVE-BIO® Aqua-Avanti Inline base set or the cartridges individually mounted under the sink
Everything is already assembled.
Of course everything including accessories
or individually to self-assembly as well as for campers

then for those who do not want to have fluorides in drinking water
we have found a cartridge for self-filling

and various devices of carbonite, table top connected directly to the water pipe

Inline Aqua Avanti

Inline Aqua Avanti here you will find all parts for the...