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Aqua Avanti

Undersink filtration system / Set

This undersink set is composed of
1 sediment filter cartridge Protect
1 limescale protection filter cartridge
1 EM Premium 5 cartridge
3 quick-change housings
1 faucet Lisa / F16 stainless steel
1 Aquawhirler Piccolo stainless steel AW-112
1 plastic hose, with sufficient length
1 T-connection adapter with shut-off valve for the right-angle-stop cock under the sink
1 connection adapter for faucet 3/8 inch thread


Everything pre-mounted on waterproof plate 45 x 45 cm


Outstanding performance

The set consists of 3 cartridges which - if you follow our recommendation - optimally filter your tap water.

First pass: the sediment filter filters and frees your tap water of dirt, such as sand, mud, rust, heavy metals and microorganisms up to 1 µm. It provides antibacterial protection. This cartridge increases the useful life of the following cartridges.

Second Pass: The limescale protection cartridge removes unwanted lime. This cartridge uses ceramic granules with a specially coded surface to initiate the process of heterogeneous catalysis. A similar process can be observed in nature with shells and corals. Through tiny seed crystals that are formed on the granule surface, the lime is practically "captured" in the water and thus no longer causes massive scale. The water is not altered in its chemical composition.

Third Pass: protects you with the EM Premium 5 YVE-BIO Inline cartridge which contains baked-in EM-ceramics. This, combined with the proven filtering performance of the NFP Premium filter technology, results in the ideal water filtration. Together with the coconut based sintered activated carbon block,  it leads to a unique removal of harmful substances and an energization which gives the water a hexagonal structure.

The Aquawhirler at the water tap creates an additional energization, inter alia through health-promoting clockwise rotation.


See these excellent test results:
Retention of harmful substances: Parameter Reduction evaluator
Lead over 90% TÜV Environment
Copper over 90% TÜV Environment


Escherichia coli2, Enterococcus faecalis2, Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus haemolyticus, Enterobacter cloacae, Pseudom. aeruginosa, Bacillus subtilis over 99%

GFT / University of Bielefeld


Entamoeba coli, Giardia lamblia, Cryptosporodium parvum,

Hymenolepis nana, Schistosoma mansoni, Ascaris suum over 99%

GFT / University of Bielefeld


Fungi / yeast
Candida albicans, Rhodotorula mucilaginosa,

Saccharomyces cerevisae over 99%
GFT / University of Bielefeld


Chlorine over 99% tti Magdeburg GmbH / FH Magdeburg
Chloroform over 99% tti Magdeburg GmbH / FH Magdeburg
Lindane over 99% tti Magdeburg GmbH / FH Magdeburg
DDT over 99% tti Magdeburg GmbH / FH Magdeburg
Altrazin over 99% tti Magdeburg GmbH / FH Magdeburg


Drug residues
Clofibric acid, Ibuprofen, Ketoprofen, Carbamazepine,
Propiphenazon over 99% TU Berlin

Polar pesticides
Bentazon, 2,4 D, MCPA
Dichlorprop., Mecoprop. over 99% TU Berlin


1) Test with load for filter capacity of 10,000 liters
2) Test with load utilization period of 6 months


Undersink filtration system AA Inline

World first: carbonite filter cartridges in quick-change housing


The filter cartridge can be removed from the housing head through a simple left-hand rotation. The insertion is done by a simple clockwise rotation within seconds. There is no housing key necessary. The cartridge change is very hygienic as you do not come into contact with the interior of the filter cartridge.


Prefiltering possible:
It is possible to chain multiple AA Inline, eg to use a pre-filter stage and to protect the main filter cartridge or to prolong the tool life.
Dazu wird dann die Sediment Filterpatrone SC-99i. This is made from antibacterial material and reduces the growth of microorganisms already in the preliminary stage.


Double flow rate possible:
A parallel connection of two AA Inline with the branching set AZ-1 is also possible. This set consists of two 3/8 " branches and four short tubes. This option is ideal if you want to do without an extra faucet at the sink. With the water flow of 4-5 liters per minute (at approx 3.5 bar) using 2x EM Premium 5i, also the entire cold water can be filtered without loss of comfort.


The enclosed faucet adapter has a 3/8? standard thread and fits all faucets offered by Yve-BIO. Adaptation to other threads is optional.


Weights and measures
Weight with EM filter cartridge: approx. 960g
Weight with SC-99 Sediment Filter: approx. 610g
Height: 33cm, Width: 10cm installation height and width


Overview AA Inline modules and cartridges

The basic system requires a main filter stage. Expandable with one or more expansion stages. We have compiled a kit with sediment-, descaling- and EM-5 Premium cartridges.


Variants of different YVE-BIO Inline models:

Name - fineness - water flow - utilization capacity


YVE-BIO Inline Filterset EM 5 Premium, 0,45my, approx.. 2l/min., max. 10.000 liters in 6 months, part of the set


YVE-BIO Inline Filterset EK7 descaling cartridge, 0,45my , approx.. 3,5 - 4l/min, max. 5.000 liters in 6 months, part of the set


YVE-BIO Inline Filterset sediment Filter, 1my, approx.. 8l/min, max. 5.000 liters in 6 months, part of the set


We recommend the optional YVE-BIO Inline EM Calci, with Okinawa calcium , max. 5.000 liters in 12 months.


Also included in the kit are the faucet Lisa and the water whirler Piccolo. We recommend to have the installation work carried out by a plumber. Please call us for any further advice.




Product weight: 5,00 Kg

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