Warning against false products Drinking water filters !!!!

2017-10-05 08:30:00 / Archive
Warning against false products Drinking water filters !!!! - Warning against false products !!!

We would like to inform you that currently the Amazon retailer "ICEBERGWAY
offers an inferior product in Spain, England and France using our brand name and original images.

Apparently, ICEBERGWAY has changed its tactics and now sells the products marked as "used" via Amazon Warehouse Deals. Please never buy filters declared as used, but only as-new and originally packaged quality goods from YVE-BIO® !

YVE-BIO® Cartridge-A Original image:
Original Bildersiegel

These pictures were kindly provided by a concerned customer:

As you can see, this is not an original YVE-BIO® cartridge.

The cartridge is also only half-filled with filter materials.

Until recently, this product was also offered in Germany and sold to unsuspecting customers!

In the meantime, Amazon has removed this product from the German site. We have already filed complaints with the other sites for trademark infringement and image infringement.

Amazon is in the process of investigating the matter and taking appropriate action against the retailer.

We would like to warn you once again not to buy such products, as the high quality standard of YVE-BIO® cannot be guaranteed.

Hochwertige Original YVE-BIO® Produkte bekommen Sie direkt bei uns im Online-Shop.