Water filters for emergencies 

 Our YVE-BIO...

Water filters for emergencies

Our YVE-BIO drinking water filters produce tasty and healthy drinking water from virtually any freshwater or rainwater. The ideal solution for a state of emergency:

  • mobile
  • easy to handle
  • can also be used without a water connection
  • bacteria are filtered out to 99.99
  • unused cartridges and filters can be stored for at least 10 years

Fill the upper tank with water from the tap, your rain barrel, a river, etc. The ceramic filter retains microplastics, bacteria, rust, dirt, etc. Then the water runs through a cartridge filled with activated carbon, which binds unwanted substances such as drug residues, pesticides, chlorine, heavy metals or surfactants.

video instructions on how to assemble a YVE-BIO water filter