Water filter YVE-BIO

Instructions and description for YVE-BIO® water filters

On these pages you will find YVE-BIO® Filter systems that filter your tap water in a natural way - just like nature s way. Read here (click here) whether you need to filter your tap water at all.


Our drinking water filters are characterised by

  • High filter performance
  • high-quality materials
  • Glass container made of lead-free crystal glass
  • different designs
  • Filter systems are brand quality
  • Cheap drinking water filters
  • Water turbulators


For video instructions on how to assemble a YVE-BIO water filter, please scroll all the way down.




Filter systems

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Alkaline / Hexagonal devices

YVE-BIO alkaline/hexagonal devices  ...

Tritan Trinkflaschen

Safe Tritan bottlesThe bottles   are made of...

Special offers

Y VE-BIO special offers with special prices...

Top offers
Badeball YVE-BIO


€ 29,00 *
Citric acid purification Drinking water filter Water...

Citric acid

€ 5,70 *
€ 30,00 per 1 kg
Tap with magnet Drinking water filter Water filter YVE-BIO

Tap with magnet

€ 15,00 *
EM X Pipes grey Drinking water filter Water filter YVE-BIO

EM X-Pipes grey

€ 10,90 *
€ 10,90 per 100 g
Ceramic filter drinking water filter YVE-BIO

Ceramic filter

€ 40,00 *
Mineral ring drinking water filter Water filter YVE-BIO

Mineral ring

€ 13,90 *
Mineral stones refill drinking water filter YVE-BIO

Mineral Stones Refill Pack

€ 19,50 *
€ 39,00 per 1 kg