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Drinking water filters and water filters

Every human being consists of about 70% water. The basic prerequisite for a functioning metabolism and the regulation of the digestive and cardiovascular system is, among other things, a sufficient supply of water to the human body. However, not all water is the same. For the daily intake it is therefore necessary to consume healthy water, i.e. it should be as free as possible from pollutants and residues and enriched with important minerals. This is why we have made it our business to put together high-quality drinking water filters with the YVE-BIO® brand. The basis for our water filters was created by Japanese scientists over decades of research, further developed by Korean manufacturers and finally brought to product maturity. Here, Asian healing arts that are thousands of years old are combined with the findings of Western medicine.

Water is the basic building block of life

Clean water is an invaluable resource. The more someone understands this statement and understands how important non-polluted water is for health, the higher the quality requirements for a water filter will be. Imagine if you had the opportunity to drink cold, clear and living water from a bubbling mountain stream in your home. YVE-BIO® water filters really bring this pleasure to your home. A large number of cheaply produced water filters have already made a name for themselves and can be purchased online. However, in a comparative test with YVE-BIO® water filters, the actual filtering performance of these filter systems is ultimately left many times over in the test. The natural filtering process in YVE-BIO® water filters is uniquely coordinated and can otherwise only be found in the "original" - i.e. in nature. YVE-BIO® is a great success story due to the high filtering performance of the YVE-BIO® ceramic filters, which filter out a large number of pathogenic substances, the zeolite-activated carbon combination in the YVE-BIO® filter cartridges, and the possibility of perfecting the filtered water with water swirlers or Effective Microorganisms (YVE-BIO® EM Pipes). On our homepage you will find all YVE-BIO® products as original and you can order and buy filter systems, cartridges, water filters and other accessories online. For those who prefer a built-in water filter, we offer a wide range of Carbonit® water filters. The human organism consists of about 70% water. Besides water, electrolytes such as salt play a major role in health. On our website you will therefore find not only YVE-BIO® filter systems but also products from Salzkontor Bremen® among other air purification products. To be able to buy good salt of excellent quality with an extraordinarily high mineral content with just a few clicks is a great privilege of our time. Find out on our homepage about the importance of healthy salt for your health and discover the advantages of pure water and good salt for you and your loved ones. Whether you appreciate YVE-BIO® products out of a preference for health products, whether you would like to take precautions for good water even in emergency situations as a prepper or whether you would like to save yourself the trouble of carrying water crates - with YVE-BIO® water filter systems and products from Bremer Salzkontor® you do something good for yourself and your loved ones and take care of your well-being and health.

Your YVE-BIO® team

Cheap water filters and drinking water filters from YVE-BIO

YVE-BIO filter systems - natural cleaning of your water and for your energy
On these pages, you will find YVE-BIO® filter systems, which filter your water in a natural way, just as nature pretends to us.
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