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Water is fundamentally connected to the overall health complex of the human body. Our bodies consist mainly of water, and we live with and from water. Yet this important instrument of life is often robbed of its natural strength, and energies that were originally contained in natural water are withheld from our bodies.

The desire to maintain our optimal health and protect ourselves from omnipresent intoxications led to a fundamental examination of natural filter systems.

We have now collected extensive experience through practical application and combined filter stages – as they exist in nature – in our products and incorporated them to produce highly efficient complete systems.

However, not all water is equal. The daily water intake should be as free as possible from contaminants and residues, whilst simultaneously being enriched with important minerals.

We have therefore set ourselves the task of assembling high-quality water purification systems under the brand YVE-BIO®.

The fundamental elements of our filters were created through decades of research by Japanese scientists, further developed by Korean manufacturers, and then made ready for the market.

Thousands of years of Asian healing are combined here with the expertise of Western medicine.

Our products boast high filter performance, premium materials (including glass containers made of lead-free crystal glass) and a variety of designs.

We use selected stone mixtures with valuable minerals and high density, fine-pored ceramics and EM ceramics.

Our various below-counter water filter systems, also with effective micro-organisms (EM), are produced in Germany by a manufacturer with 25 years of experience. These devices, along with the individual cartridges, offer you the advantage of an "individual" configuration with optimal filtration of contaminants through to medication residues.

We and our German manufacturer regularly have our products tested in accredited laboratories and universities in Germany and Austria.

There are many good reasons to choose YVE-BIO®.

Just give us a try. Discover how tap water once more becomes a natural, pure element that tastes good.

Your YVE-BIO® GmbH

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