Do you also suffer from salt deficiency?

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Do you also suffer from salt deficiency? - Beware of sodium chloride

Do you also suffer from salt deficiency?

Would you have thought that most people suffer from salt deficiency? Yes, you read correctly! They may be oversaturated with the aggressive cell poison called common salt, but that has nothing to do with the white gold that served as a means of payment for Roman mercenaries.

Since the beginning of industrialisation, natural salt has been purified to such an extent that all essential minerals and trace elements are removed. What remains is sodium chloride in its isolated form and without balancing counterparts. Our kidneys try to excrete the aggressive cell toxin as quickly as possible, but are permanently overtaxed by it, since the average Western European consumes up to 20 g of it daily. In order to render the common salt harmless, our body surrounds it with water molecules from our cells and thus neutralises it. In the process, our dehydrated body cells die. This leads to diseases such as arthrosis or arthritis, kidney stone formation or cellulite.

Our salts from SALZKONTOR are natural, unrefined and contain neither non-declarable preservatives, nor anti-caking agents or aluminium. Give your body essential minerals and trace elements in cell-available form. Be critical when buying salt. It would be unfortunate if you endanger your health for a few euros. Get an overview of our new range!