5-Step Cartridge Origin

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The 5-step Cartridge Origin is currently sold out and is expected to be available again at the end of January. Get it now at a special price! We will send you your other ordered items in advance and deliver the 5-step Cartridge Origin free of shipping costs after receipt of goods.

As can currently be seen in the media, merchant ships in the Red Sea are being attacked by rebels. Shipping companies are diverting their ships, not least to protect their crews.
The current situation means that capacities and sea freight services on the routes to Europe are only available to a considerably reduced extent. Shipowners are therefore avoiding the Suez Canal and taking the diversions via the Cape of Good Hope to avoid the risk. Due to the rerouting of the ships, transit times are longer and arrival dates are being postponed. The goods are expected to arrive at the beginning of February.


Our 5-step cartridge is suitable for all YVE-BIO water filter systems (except Alstar 700 and Single 501 SAN) as well as some similar, identical water filters from other manufacturers. If you are unsure whether the cartridges are compatible with your filter system, please feel free to write to us.

Length 16,5 cm including thread


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