The official Yve-Bio partner program

With our partner program, you now have the opportunity to help other people lead a healthier lifestyle and even earn money yourself!


How? It’s quite simple:

1. Log in to our affiliate program and you will be sent an e-mail with your partner ID and a link that you can share or paste into your pages.

2. Create banners or links to specific Yve Bio products or simply create a link to the entire Yve-Bio Shop

3. Share these links or banners in social networks, Facebook, Twitter, or WhatsApp and e-mail it to your friends or integrate the link directly into your own website or shop.
The link calls up the YVE-BIO shop, passing your partner ID.
Your partner ID can be used to uniquely identify orders coming from this link.

4. For every item sold through your banners and links, you will earn a 10% commission!
When a YVE-BIO® Alstar700 is ordered, that's already a whopping 49.90 euros.


How is billing done?

After successful payment completion, the commission will be credited to your partner account. In the partner area you can always keep track of your commissions and the visits that come from your site. You can have the commissions paid out at any time. You will then receive an e-mail with the billing statement and the amount will be transferred to the account you specified.

The partner commission is paid out monthly.

And where's the catch?
Quite simply, there is none!

Sign up today and become a partner of Yve-Bio and a partner of health.

The participation is absolutely free and can be terminated at any time.
There are no sales targets or performance targets that need to be achieved.